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Lyrically Literate Music & Rap Workshops

The Lyrically Literate music workshops give young people the opportunity to creatively and critically express themselves on issues that affect them from street crime to bullying, to just being a teenager.

This exciting music workshop is designed to enable young people to musically express their thoughts and feelings through writing lyrics and performing them with a cappella or over instrumentals to the rest of the group.


What happens at the Music workshops?

The groups will have the chance to create original songs by writing their own lyrics and raps

Once they have written and performed their lyrics, the young people will get professional advice and guidance that will enhance their performance and lyrical skills.

For the grand finale, the groups will get to perform their songs for the rest of the school/organisation or to their fellow participants in this workshop. They will also get a chance to record their creations and take their songs home with them. They can even upload them to their own social website.

What areas do these Music workshops cover on the national curriculum?

Black history month this will be a lyric workshop that will help young people write their own authentic Negro spiritual songs documenting some of the events that took place in the slave trade and the civil rights movement that happened in America.

Literature workshops that give young people the opportunity to revamp plays such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet by applying rhythms to the plays, monologues that can be applied to modern musical instrumentals.  Moreover, they will have the opportunity to create their own original lyrics that mimic the monologues within the plays to help them understand the semantics the author was conveying to the audience.

Music making workshop where young people will cooperate to create their own mix CD based on topics that affect our society and how we as people can change things such as street crime, bullying, drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Lyrical expression workshops that give young people the chance learn how to express their feelings and thoughts in a rhythmic, lyrical and creative way.

Revision classes that assist student's with their homework by using rhymes to help them memorise and define terminologies that they might be tested on in their exams.

What will young people get from these Music workshops?

  • The chance to create authentic lyrics at a professional standard in a vibrant and creative environment where musical differences are not prohibited but welcomed.
  • Practical experience in how to perform and record songs on issues which affect them and the society they're growing up in.
  • The opportunity to explore the different possibilities there are in the music industry
  • The freedom to develop ideas in a social setting that encourages diverse and creative thinking.
  • The chance to make friends and communicating with their peers in an environment where different musical styles and personalities can merge to produce original sounds.
  • An opportunity to build their confidence by reciting lyrics to an audience and utilising their skills and talents to produce work consisting of techniques professional musicians use.
  • A whole lot of fun!!!

What do young people say about these Music workshops?

“Thank you for your help man, some of the techniques that you taught me have really helped me become a better rapper and I am considering becoming a rapper in the future” Albert 15

“I loved this workshop because now I can write really good lyrics” Gabby 13

“This workshop  has definitely helped me become a better lyricist” Nathan 18

What sizes does this Music workshop come in?

These music workshops can be accomplished in a half day or full day session, but they are flexible enough to be elongated if you would like any of them to culminate with either a live performance or a recording that will be burned onto a CD or exported to an MP3 format. 

They can also be done within school hours and outside of school hours.  

How many young people can this Music workshop accommodate?

The Lyrically Literate music workshops can accommodate 6 to 15 young people but can accomodate several groups durning one day.

Like the sound of this workshop?

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Contact us about this Music workshop?

Our workshops can vary in cost, so please provide us with some more information eg, numbers, location and the workshop you are interested in and we will provide you with a personal quote.



 We are very proud to say that we always aim to beat our competitor's costs whilst providing first class practitioners who will inspire and engage the young people they are delivering too! (Just take a look at our testimonials

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