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A Not for Profit Community Group

Uniting Communities, Reducing Social Isolation, Encouraging Social Inclusion

 Definitions of Issues to tackle

Social inclusion - A socially inclusive society is defined as one where all people feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity.

Social Isolation - Social isolation is the lack of social interaction, contact, or communication with other people. Those who are socially isolated have an absence of relationships with family and friends, or other forms of social networks. Social isolation may be expressed through physical separation with others, social barriers, or psychological mechanisms.

Anti-Social behaviour – The term anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that blights the lives of many people on a daily basis. It often leaves victims feeling helpless, desperate and with a seriously reduced quality of life.

Low self-esteem - A person with low self-esteem feels unworthy, incapable, and incompetent. In fact, because the person with low self-esteem feels so poorly about him or herself, these feelings may actually cause the person's continued low self-esteem

How will we do this?

Through a series of bespoke workshop and programmes that tackle issues or stumbling blocks in people's lives. 

We want to provide a pick & mix selection of workshops that will form a highly engaging and enjoyable programme for the participants. This will not only address their needs but also up-skill them whilst helping to raise confidence levels and reduce feelings of isolation and in some case create community cohesion.

Some suggestions of workshops/sessions are as follows:-  

Personal and Wellbeing workshops – please see below

-          Proud to be a Woman - This session looks at the history of women's emancipation through stories from the Suffragettes, other positive female role models through history and comparisons with world-wide cultures.

-          Good to be Me - This session uses discussion and drama activities to interrogate what confidence and self-esteem are and how we boost these in ourselves and others.

-          Healthy Relationships -This session takes a lead from the ‘Good to be Me' session and extends the idea of interpersonal relationships and their effect on our own emotional and physical wellbeing.

-          Employability and Skills -This is a fast moving and fun drama led session that encourages people to look at their achievements, existing skills and the journey that they wish to go on to get to where they want to be in terms of career and life.

-          Practical Skills for Life - This session uses drama and role-play to explore financial literacy, planning and the consequences of poor management. As well as basic money management, the session will also introduce alternative ways of working (self-employment etc.), meal planning and budgeting and how to make the most of the internet to save money and access good services.

Make do and mend workshops - Sewing workshops to help the participants save money and gain new transferable skills.

Business and enterprise workshops – How to set up a business, how to make money from their own skills

DIY skills – Helping people help themselves around the home, putting up shelves, using a drill etc

Upcycling furniture workshops – Turning old items of furniture in to lovely new items that they can be proud to show off.

Healthy eating - How to make delicious healthy meals on a budget

Intergenerational workshops – Bringing young and elder members of the community together to work on joint projects

Urban skills engagement programme – This targets young people and covers Dj-ing, rap, lyric writing, music production, art and fashion design.

All our workshops will be creative, hands on, fun, highly engaging and take place within a non-intimidating learning environment where everyone is equal and all opinions are valued.


What do we want our workshops to promote/achieve?

Social inclusion

Better understanding of how to save money and to make money

Awareness to recycling, reducing and reusing

Self-belief and empowerment, a can do attitude!

Lifelong transferable skills that they can pass on to their own children and peers

Social Interaction with other attendees on our workshops, conversation, teambuilding and hopefully the making of new friends or an awareness and kindred spirt to fellow people living in their own community.

Community Cohesion


Who will we work with?

Housing associations

Community Groups

Charities and foundations

Single parent groups

Domestic violence survivors

Young people

LBGT community

Offenders and ex-offender's groups

Young & new mothers







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