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Rap & Poetry One-Track Race

This creative writing workshop for schools will examine, expand, and express cultural awareness and understanding of diversity through modern verse.

One-Track Race is Street Style Surgery's fresh school workshop designed to address and expand students' cultural awareness through poetry workshops. Incorporating creative writing, performance, and communication skills. Students will write and perform their own poetry and lyrics after thorough and thought provoking discussions about racial and cultural diversity.

Our workshop leader, whose work in film and poetry is on permanent display in the Museum of Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum, will introduce the topic with a poetry and rap performance. He then gets minds moving through thoughtful discussions about cultural heritage and guides students through the process of creating their own poems and lyrics in small group poetry workshops.

The school workshop culminates with performances of the students work and a greater understanding of racial and cultural diversity on top of their own race and culture. This workshop for schools works hands-on with students to increase cultural awareness of their own heritage and those of their peers, and solutions to problems like racism in schools and communication issues are found through interactive and intelligent methods.

What happens on this One-Track Race rap and poetry workshop?

This workshop for schools focuses on:

  • Racial and Cultural Awareness
  • Creative Multidisciplinary Skills
  • Communication Skils 
  • Students are introduced to the ideas of racial and cultural diversity through our workshopper's presentation and guided discussion. Their new understanding is then implemented and incorporated into writing and performing poetry about cultural awareness. Students will look at their own racial and cultural heritage while celebrating the importance of diversity.
  •  Students learn and practice creative writing and lyric writing skills through the poetry workshops where they create their own works within small groups. Our workshopper will give them initial prompts and work with the groups to draft their verses into polished works for performance.
  •  Students engage in mature debate with their peers to discuss racial diversity while articulating their opinions about their own cultural heritage. They must listen to others while communicating their own views, and they will work effectively in teams to produce cohesive final works in groups to present.

What areas does the One-Track Race rap and poetry workshop cover on the national curriculum?

  • They will engage in writing activities outside their normal literacy classes in this school workshop which can help boost and improve their skills.
  • They will leave the sessions feeling empowered and capable of understanding the complexities of multi-cultural awareness, and this will positively affect their lives and the lives of those around them.


What will young people get from this poetry and rap workshop?

  • They will engage in mature debate and get the opportunity to explore and express their opinions.
  • They will work as teams to develop ideas and ways in which to express themselves.
  • They will be encouraged to examine their own racial and cultural background and learn about the diverse cultures from which their peers come.
  • They will get the opportunity to express their ideas in the form of poetry, rap, or song.
  • They will be entertained by a professional performer.
  • They will develop their communication skills by actively talking and listening to each other.
  • They will learn to work effectively in a team to produce their final works.
  • They will learn skills and useful views for social development in a culturally diverse world.
  • They will engage in creative writing and lyric writing.
  • They will learn performance and presentation techniques.

What do young people say about the One-Track Race poetry and rap workshop?

“Curtis helped us understand why racism is wrong." –Sam, St Francis of Assisi.

"I enjoyed the poems and raps. Now I am proud of my family background." -Fatima, year 6 St Silas.

What sizes does the One-Track Race poetry and rap workshop come in?

This workshop can be delivered in one day or spread across several days and can tailored to fit the needs of existing projects or those in development

How many young people can the One-Track Race poetry and rap workshop accommodate?

The sessions can be broken down in the following ways:

  • Half-day session - an introductory session with greater emphasis on the issues and less focus on high-quality writing and performance
  • Whole-day – a full-day session with intense focus on one group for a whole day with the opportunity to explore the issues in greater detail and create high-quality writing and performances
  • Presentation/Q&A - some schools and centres opt for a performance and discussion with an audience and no workshop. This provides the opportunity for as many as 400 people to be involved as inspiration to create their own work

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