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Our workshops can vary in cost, so please provide us with some more information eg, numbers of young people you wish to take part, location/postcode and the type of workshop you are interested in.  We can then provide you with a more personal quote.

 We are very proud to say that we always aim to beat our competitor's costs whilst providing first class practitioners who will inspire and engage your young people!! (Just take a look at our testimonials from happy bookers) 


(All rates based on delivery from one practitioner)

Full day (6 hours max) £350.00 upwards - excluding travel expenses and material costs

 Half day (3hrs max) £240.00 upwards- excluding travel expenses and materials costs

2 hours   £150.00 upwards - excluding travel expenses and materials costs

1 Hour Taster session  £90.00 upwards - excluding travel expenses and materials costs

 (Final costs depend on location/travel and materials needed and type of workshop)

Material costs – These will always be kept to a minimum and an estimated quote can be provided once we have received more information, type and length of workshop, number of participants.

Travel Expenses charged @ 50p per mile + parking charges if applicable


PLEASE NOTE - if travel is over 2hrs one way (4hrs total travelling time for a return journey) then an extra £60.00 is added to the workshop total,  if travel is over 6hrs total time for a return journey) then £80-£120 extra may be added to the workshop total = on occasions accommodation the night before may be needed) 

We always strive to use practitioners that are located in your area or as near to you as possible to keep travel costs to a minimum! It's important to us that our sessions workout as cost effective as possible for your school/organisation.

* Preparation time will vary depending on the course and if it's needed but it is typically no more than 1 hour @£15.-00.  If no extra preparation is needed then this won't be charged.  

Getting the most out of our workshops and giving your young people the best opportunity to shine!

Some workshops work better with smaller numbers of pupils, as we like to make sure that each pupil receives an adequate amount of time from the creative practitioner in order to inspire their creativity.   If larger groups need to be catered for then please let us know as we can run 2 half day workshops in a one day session or even 3. This option works well for whole school classes, but please do let us know the numbers of young people you would like to take part in the workshops and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We can also run drop in sessions at events and functions.


Please contact us for further discussion of your needs, we can then provide you with a tailored proposal and a more formal costing, many thanks.

To help your young people discover their special hidden talent:

Email sissy@streetstylesurgery.co.uk

Call 07793 633 003

Find us on Facebook and like our page Street Style Surgery

Twitter @SSSurgery

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