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Journey of the Circus

This workshop takes participants on an exciting tour of the various circus disciplines including juggling, hula hooping, poi and plate spinning. Over the course of the session they can learn the foundations of circus skills is a fun, non-competitive environment.

What happens on this circus skills workshop?

The facilitator will guide the group through a series of basic circus tricks involving a variety of fun equipment from juggling balls to poi. Skills based circus games will then be played to hone the participant's skills and promote creativity and physical expression.

What areas does this circus skills workshop cover on the national curriculum?

As well as the specific national curriculum points below, the workshop encourages peer to peer learning and teamwork.

Art & design - Exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques.     

Citizenship - Developing skills of participation.

Music - Exploring ways music can be combined with other art forms and other subject disciplines.

Physical Education - 

a.  Developing control of whole-body skills and fine manipulation skills.

b.  Selecting and using skills, tactics and compositional ideas effectively in different types of physical activity.

c.   Adapting to a widening range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

d.   Knowing and understanding what needs to be achieved, critically evaluating how well it has been achieved and finding ways to improve.

e.   Using imaginative ways to express and communicate ideas, solve problems and overcome challenges.

f.    Exploring and experimenting with techniques, tactics and compositional ideas to produce efficient and effective outcomes.

g.    Understanding that physical activity contributes to the healthy functioning of the body and mind and is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.

h.     Recognizing that regular physical activity that is fit for purpose, safe and enjoyable has the greatest impact on physical, mental and social well being.

PSHE  - 

Understanding that self-esteem can change with personal circumstances, such as those associated with family and friendships, achievements and employment.

Understanding that physical, mental, sexual and emotional health affect our ability to lead fulfilling lives, and that there is help and support available when they are threatened.


What will young people get from this circus skills workshop?

Participants will be invited to enjoy creative play and skill development in a non completive and relaxed environment where they can express themselves using new channels of communication. Through this they are encouraged to explore creativity through movement and the physical expression of emotion. Participants will be physically active throughout the session which serves as a fun and creative workout. Sessions equip participants with a new skill set to develop in the future, producing a sense of achievement and enhanced feeling of confidence. Setting new goals and maintaining focus are integral to the workshop.

What do young people say about this circus skills workshop?

'I have loved today, and don't want to go home!' Craig, aged 9

'I like making spinning circles with hula hoops' Erica, aged 12

'I didn't know I could do this, and I will start juggling the oranges in my kitchen now!' Steve, aged 19

What sizes does this circus skills workshop come in?

The workshop content can be adapted to fit into sessions between thirty minutes and three hours or last a full day with several sessions taking place so more young people can participate. Journey of the Circus can also be run as an after school project with up to 6 sessions over a number of weeks.

How many young people can this circus skills workshop accommodate?

Up to 15 - 20 participants can be accommodated with one practitioner present; more with extra facilitators. The workshop can also be repeated over the course of a day to accommodate more participants.

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