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Issue-based Drama Workshop

From confidence building to environmental issues, anti-bullying to substance misuse, anger management to sexual health, black history week to world faith day or even the riots, issue-based drama workshops focus on any theme relevant to the group.

This is the ideal drama workshop to encourage young people to use a range of drama techniques and exercises to create performances and tackle issues and themes.  Although drama and performance doesn't come naturally to some people, these sessions are specifically designed to boost confidence and help people find their inner voice, while at the same time raising awareness and providing training and education from addressing contentious issues.

In this drama workshop, young people will have the opportunity to challenge opinions and each other, through debates and presentations. Communication and literacy skills will be addressed as a result, as will their social awareness and conscious.

Drama techniques and exercises are applied in order to address the issue, with an emphasis on having fun, playing, learning and enjoying, while taking part in the many activities for young people.

 Sessions/project lengths will vary depending on what works best for each project group.

What areas does it cover on the national curriculum? What boxes does it tick?

Citizenship, cross curricular peer to peer learning and ALL strands within the global dimensions calendar.

What will young people get from this workshop?

  • Develop team building skills and learn coping mechanisms.
  • A sense of unity and achievement and increased confidence levels.
  • A chance for exploration into different issues.
  • An opportunity to share their ideas.
  • Engage in peer-to-peer praise, rather than peer pressure.
  • Develop their communication and performance skills.
  • A chance to boost their self-confidence and self- esteem.
  • A chance to devise their own scenes.


What do young people say about this workshop?

“I thought that doing drama was not for me but I'm now totally buzzing...I feel like I've made something happen!” Dylon.

“Everyone feels dead relaxed and we all just have a laugh but at the same time, I've learnt loads” Natasha.


How many people can attend the workshop, and when?

  • We can cater for all numbers of young people from small groups to full classes even whole year groups!
  • Sessions can last from 2 hours or run over 1-2 days, or even as after school sessions. 

Like the sound of this workshop?

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Contact us about the workshop

Our worksops can vary in cost, so please provide us with some more information eg, numbers, location and the workshop you are interested in and we will provide you with a personal quote.



We are very proud to say that we always aim to beat our competitor's costs whilst providing first class practitioners who will inspire and engage the young people they are delivering too! (Just take a look at our testimonials

Workshops & activities suitable for:
Young People , Adults, Brownies & Girl Guides, Community Groups, Curriculum Enrichment workshop, Further Education, Housing Associations, Key Stage 1 - Workshops for Primary Schools, Key Stage 2 - Workshops for Primary Schools, Key Stage 3 - Workshops for Secondary Schools, Key Stage 4 - Workshops for Secondary Schools, Libraries & Museums, NEETS, Over 50's, PRUs, SEN, Teacher Training, YOTS, Youth Organisations

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Contact us about this workshop

This workshop is available across the north of England and much of the rest of the country. We can also create a workshop especially for you – taking your budget, timeframes and location into consideration.

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