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Drama workshop - Words, words, words

This hands-on drama workshop uses performance, creative writing, multimedia and visual art to explore the theme of communication. The workshop aims to encourage those taking part to develop their confidence in communicating their feelings to others, whilst also teaching news skills in performance, craft and multimedia too.

Structured in different stages, the drama workshop will include everything from poetry and performance, to visual art and multimedia. The elements of the workshop will then be combined to create a contemporary performance.

Suited to many different people, whether studying for GCSEs or A Levels, or perhaps teacher training instead, drama workshops are the ideal opportunity to not only be creative, but to perform too.


What happens on this drama workshop?

  1. Working on a poetry activity in a large group- the students will write sentences related to different headings, such as ‘I am' or ‘I want', and then use them to make sentences for a poem.
  2. Create short performances- carried out either alone or in a group, poems will be used to create short performances.
  3. Create a visual language- ‘vocabulary of movement' exercise, where a visual language will be created using given words, before communicating with each other using the abstract language.
  4. Create two pieces of art- creating paper chains to decorate the room and the poems, before contributing to a large-scale artwork of a giant cardboard man.
  5. Decorating the cardboard man- decorating a giant cardboard man with words taken by the group members, from books provided by the artist.
  6. Recording camera messages- The group will record messages to anyone they want to, with the content chosen by the students.


What will young people get from this drama workshop?

  • An opportunity to develop skills within an area of high interest.
  • An understanding of communication, as well as the different ways in which we can communicate with each other.
  • Teamwork that utilises different skill sets.
  • An opportunity to shine and to show creativity.
  • Development of skills in the areas of both poetry and visual art.


How many people can attend the workshop, and when?

  • Maximum of 30 people
  • Full day
  • Half day basic version
  • After school – 6x 1 hour sessions

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 Our workshops can vary in cost, so please provide us with some more information eg,numbers, location and the workshop you are interested in and we will provide you with a personal quote.


We are very proud to say that we always aim to beat our competitor's costs whilst providing first class practitioners who will inspire and engage the young people they are delivering too! (Just take a look at our testimonials


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