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Screen Printing Poster Design Creative Workshop

Screen printing is a versatile skill with applications in a huge spectrum of professional and commercial industries requiring consistent and even ink applications en masse. Street Style Surgery offers a school workshop teaching the fundamentals of the screen printing process, focused on poster design that anybody of any age can learn.

Our screen printing expert has designed a creative workshop for schools and young people that enables students to develop a poster to advertise their choice of event, campaign, film, radio station or concert. Straight from the introduction of screen printing techniques, students will be given hands-on practice in screen printing with stencils and professional tools.

What happens in the screen printing poster design school workshop?

This art workshop for schools focuses on screen printing processes. Compositional techniques are introduced step by step, and depending on the length of the workshop, the depth and breadth of techniques taught can be modified by time constraints.

Essential design techniques include:

  • Positive/negative space
  • Masking off areas
  • Overlapping colours and shapes
  • Registering an image (with masking tape)
  • How to print text

Stencils are provided, but depending on the task and available facilities, students can cut out their own stencils or create their own using Adobe Photoshop.

What areas does the screen printing poster design workshop cover on the national curriculum?

This creative workshop teaches students a time honoured and useful professional practice that is widely used in many industries today.

Employable arts and design techniques are covered in this engaging school workshop to introduce students to the widely applicable artistic techniques behind screen printing posters.

What will young people get from the screen printing poster design school workshop?

Young people will explore compositional elements within a print and begin to learn about what makes a successful image with the provided opportunities to explore and experiment screen printing design.

They will learn techniques/processes that can be applied to a wide range of design practices, even outside of screen printing.

They will gain a sense of personal achievement and will understand how the design of the print is developed with the techniques that they have learnt.


What sizes does the screen printing poster design workshop come in?

The workshop can run as a 2 hour session or as an all-day class that covers all techniques.

Extension experiments can incorporate text or collage to add extra dimensions and layers to the image. Spray painting can also be included to add extra texture to the print, and final images can be scanned into Adobe Photoshop, and manipulated with filters and adjustment levels after the initial print.

Student's designs can ultimately be transferred onto a T-shirt. 


How many young people can the screen printing poster design workshop accommodate?

With 8 screens, this arts workshop can accommodate 16 students comfortably.

The workshop can be adjusted for larger groups by incorporating make-it-yourself designs to keep screens in rotation. 2-3 hours is a reasonable time to accommodate rotating groups.

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