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Cool funk-style / Streetdance workshop

During this fun, high energy workshop students will be taught the basics of funk style dancing. Funk style dancing  originated in the funky 70s, but has regained a lot of popularity in recent years. Its core movements include popping, locking and breaking. Like most Hip Hop culture Funk Style dancing is about expressing yourself and in this case movement plays the key role. Not only will students learn the foundation moves of funk dancing, they will also learn how to create their own dance moves and teach these to the others.


Expressing yourself can be very difficult for young people. With the help of this workshop they will feel more confident about expressing themselves, especially in front of a group of peers. After this workshop students will find themselves invigorated, both mentally and physically. And of course they will have a great time and loads of fun during it!

What happens on this Funk dance workshop?

During this workshop students will learn the basics of funk style dancing:

  1. Popping
  2. Locking
  3. Breaking
  4. Creative movement


  1. I. Popping is the quick tightening or complete relaxation of the muscles to care a ‘jerk' in the dancer's movement that corresponds with the music. This is called a ‘pop'. There are several kinds of pops and students will be shown hitting, waving, tutting, gliding, robot, Boogaloo, animation and tracing.
  2. II.  Locking is the freezing of a dancer in a certain pose during their dance only to continue at the same speed after a brief moment. This takes a lot of control over your body and tends to be a lot more difficult than it looks. Students will be able to master the basics quickly however and will be amazed at their own progress. The foundation movements for locking are grooving, the lock, scoobot, penguin, stop and go, uncle sam points, which a way, kick walk and Leo walk.
  3. III. Breaking (also known as breakdancing) will be instantly recognisable for most students as it remains incredibly popular in youth culture. Although it takes tremendous control over your own body, the basics (Toprock, footwork, freezes) can be taught relatively quickly. Students will be amazed with what their own body is capable of and will get a huge boost in confidence.
  4. IV. Creative movement Any dance is about expressing yourself and funk style is no exception. In fact, students will find that funk style is very much about creating your own style. This includes finding ways of creating new movements. This workshop will teach them several techniques that will help them create moves that are unique and completely personal. Examples include: Restricted movement, moving at different speeds, copying other's movements and varying them, different moods, using different sounds to move to and concentration exercises.


What areas does this Funk dance workshop cover on the national curriculum?

This workshop will teach students how to use movement imaginatively, responding to stimuli, including music, and perform more than basic dance skills. These include changing the rhythm, speed, level and direction of their movements. At the end of the workshop they will be able to create and perform dances using simple movement patterns, including those from different times and cultures. And most importantly they will be able to express and communicate ideas and feelings through Funk style dancing.

What will young people get from this Funk dance workshop?

 A boost in confidence and new knowledge about their own capability to express themselves

Their creativity will be stimulated in ways they will probably not have explored.

A new way to express themselves.

More insight into (global) dance culture and Hip Hop culture.

A stronger sense of community, and more confidence to express themselves in a group of peers.

A physical workout (this workshop will make them work up a sweat!)

Loads and loads of fun!

What do young people say about this Funk dance workshop?

“When I couldn't get a move right they helped me until I got it! It made me feel really special!” – student, age 7.

“I like how he encourages them with high fives. They are really trying their hardest. “ – Parent

What sizes does this Funk dance workshop come in?

Generally the workshop is one hour, but this can easily be extended. Especially with bigger groups to allow everyone time to develop their own moves more time might be needed. We have a beginner and an intermediate workshop.

How many young people can this Funk dance workshop accommodate?

Anywhere between five and twenty people is ideal. Age does make a difference as younger children tend to need more time to get the moves right, so in that case smaller groups are preferred.

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