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Helping our little people have beautiful & educational outside experiences during lockdown

Posted on 7th January 2021

Helping our little people have beautiful & educational outside experiences during lockdow

So another lockdown means more time cooped up and less time doing the things we are used to doing day to day. It is also a great opportunity to really use our time outside to our advantage and hopefully make lots of beautiful memories for both our children and us.

My little one use to love forest school in nursery, why? Because it was outside, lots of fun and she could have a hot chocolate at the end which was made on a stove by the forest school leader, plus a good run around helps to release all that extra energy they have.

When we go camping the most memorable bit for my daughter, is the toasting of the marshmellows.  It got me thinking about how I could recreate this so I started looking for an outside cooking stove, as small and as compact as possible and one that preferably ran off natural fuel, eg twigs, wood, leaves etc

After lots of research I decided that I would go for this one. It comes with cute little bowls and some cutlery and a little sponge to clean it all AND it all fits together nice and compactly and will even hang off your rucksack from the clip it comes with. #bestbuyever

So off to the woods we went with a pull ring tin of soup, some bread, hot chocolates you get in those plastic cups, marshmellows/sticks, some dry wood and a firelighter/lighter, oh and some little camping stools.

It all went like a dream, the fire lit fast and kept well lit from just a few pieces of wood (you can buy a whole bag from places like wilko etc) or if it's a dry day use what is laying around you, twings, leaves, pine cones

Plus, once the fire went out I separated it with a branch and it cooled down in a flash!

We had a lovely experience and now call this activity day camping, all the fun but no tents to put up and take down lol

You have lots of options of stuff to make as you have 2 pans for drinks and food, hotdogs, pasta, soups, pot noodles etc etc 


wood burning camping stove in lockdown

Our camping stove 


Same as my one above but runs off a gas canister 


Another cute style of ECO woodbuning stove which is like mine but just no bowls, you can take your own though


Similar camping stove with a kettle that runs off gas if you dont want to fuel it with wood and want quick lighting


Camping stove that runs off gas but with a beaker instead


Great price for this one that runs off gas, just the basics but you can bring your own bowls and cutlery


Now for some camping stool ideas to chill on whilst your having your camping day 

This is the cheapest one I have seen so could easily fit in your backpack



This is similar to above but comes in a little bag for storage 


Oh and I also bought these bought camping cups, super lightweight


some extra bits I loved 

Explorer camping and adventures kits


Hope you enjoyed reading through this blog, if you try day camping please do tag me on any of the following


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Happy Day Camping Everyone

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