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Junk Percussion Workshop encompassing Science & Recycling

Time to make a noise, STOMP style! Out anything and everything, stuff we have around our homes and even stuff we throw away! 

What happens in this Junk Percussion Workshop for schools and SEN young people?

This high octane junk percussion activity has so many outcomes for the participants, they will have so much fun, banging and bashing household items and waste materials to create their own unique rhythms, all ending in a joint final performance

This junk percussion workshops encompasses both science and movement. As well as moving expressively to the rhythms which our facilitator creates through the activity, there are many more scientific aspects of movement relating to sound.   Sound is what is experienced in the brain when our ears pick up vibrations in the air. These vibrations are a form of movement.

We could make this explicit by twanging a ruler, this idea can be developed and related to different materials e.g. plastic, metal, which vibrates longer and why? Can we stop something vibrating? Do smaller objects vibrate differently and how? This relates to the pitch of a note (vibration at different frequencies.) Some of the hard science may be beyond smaller children, but we think some of the concepts can start to be grasped at an intuitive level.


In addition, there are other scientific ideas which can be drawn, in relation to how we manage our material resources.

  • The sorting of different materials for recycling. Some objects are made from more than one material. Can we limit the mix of different materials in products to make recycling easier?  Is recycling the ultimate answer anyway?
  • How do we manage resources better?  Is re-use the ultimate answer (e.g. by using it to make music!?) Well, even if every school had a junk band there would still be more waste junk being generated than could be used in this way!  
  • Do we need to address more fundamentally how we manufacture and consume goods? Can we design for better durability, ease of repair, refillability?


What will young people get from this Junk Percussion Workshop for schools and SEN young people?

  • A sense of freedom whilst expressing themselves fully
  • This is a mindful process so your young people be fully in their creative flow
  • Fully accessible workshop for all
  • A new outlook on how music can be made from the things we have around us


What do young people say about this Junk Percussion Workshop for schools and SEN young people?

“I loved making as much noise as I could”

“I can't believe we sounded so good”

“I can't wait to try this at home”


What size does this Junk Percussion Workshop for schools and SEN young people come in? 


  • Full school day -  6 hours - can rotate classes through the session
  • Half day – 2 hours
  • Single hour sessions

We do also offer after-school and lunchtime clubs.

How many can take part in this Junk Percussion Workshop for schools and SEN young people?

Please do let us know how many you would like to take part and we will try our best to accommodate


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Or our very popular Hip Hop DJ experience workshop for schools


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