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Stop Motion Animation Creative Workshop

This creative workshop for schools helps students create their own stop motion animations, from teaching the methods to watching their final product on YouTube.

Stop motion animation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create an impressive animation, and our workshop leader teaches students how to make stop motion animation step by step, frame by frame. Students begin with an initial concept, and they take the concept from start to finish by learning to storyboard their animation, constructing a set, animating and editing their movies, and finally watching their short film on YouTube.

Our local stop motion animation expert, will provide their knowledge and the equipment to teach students how to make stop motion animation movies and help them produce their first short movies.

Armed with cameras, tripods and a PC for editing the work, Our creative practitioner will bring students ideas and everyday objects to life in 2D or 3D animations. While this is an art workshop, it can be used to expand students' understanding of other school subjects, like maths, science and English, while exercising their creative skills.

The subjects and products of this creative workshop can be as experimental, educational and imaginative as the creators themselves – there is no limit to what can happen on the screen!

What happens on stop motion animation school workshop?

This workshop for schools focuses on:

  • Creative Arts Skills
  • Storytelling Abilities
  • Academic Exploration
  • Students employ their creative prowess in this art workshop for schools. Creative and innovative uses for their resources – photocopies, Post-It notes, modelling clay, pipe cleaners, everyday found objects – are the building blocks for animated movies. Students will learn how to employ simple yet compelling methods of animation using common resources, digital technology, and their own creative abilities.
  • Students polish their abilities to identify and tell a story in this creative workshop. A stop motion animation movie is created with a plot told from start to finish. Using nonverbal visual techniques, students must construct the means to convey their stories and narratives effectively through stop motion animation.
  • Because the stop motion animations can be about any subject, this school workshop can be directed towards particular academic areas. English, maths, science, social studies, and other subjects can be incorporated into this creative workshop to provide another scholastic edge, or conversely, this arts workshop can provide a creative edge to other educational areas.

What areas does the stop motion animation school workshop cover on the national curriculum?

This stop motion animation workshop for schools enhances learning through the visual and creative language for all age groups.

Using common resources with fresh approaches to tell a story requires students to think about their subjects in new ways and see their materials in a new light. Animations can be imaginative and surreal as possible through the use of Post-It notes, collage, 3D models and even the human body.

Students will learn how to use modern digital technology to animate, edit, and produce their short films, providing a primer to contemporary media.

Reading and writing skills can be developed through storytelling, and other academic subjects can be explored as well, such as science, maths and history. This arts workshop can get students thinking about other educational endeavours in creatively refreshed ways.


What will young people get from the stop motion animation school workshop?

Young people will learn about digital animation processes, how to make a stop motion animation, and new creative methods of using digital media.

They will also learn how to collaborate, communicate, and share responsibilities in creative processes. Most evidently, young people will derive a huge amount of personal satisfaction and confidence as their final animations will be edited and uploaded onto YouTube to watch anytime.

What sizes does the stop motion animation school workshop come in?

The length of this arts workshop can vary from a half day to a full day. A stop motion animation can be created in a minimum of 3 hours, but the more time that students have, the slicker the editing and final product will be. Music, narration and filters can also be added to the editing process with more time.

How many young people can the stop motion animation school workshop accommodate?

Between 5 cameras and 5 tripods, the Stop Motion Animation school workshop can accommodate a group of 15 students at once.

For larger groups, animations can be continuously running and rotating so that different groups can take over the ideas of the previous group. This can lead to some interesting story changes, great practice with teamwork, and fascinating final movies.


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