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Wild Creations

What Happens in this Wild Creations workshop?

Workshops and group work are an important part of a child's development as they encourage the child to work both independently and as part of a team.

This workshop uses movement of the body to create personal works of art. This is a workshop which encourages its participants to get out of their heads and into their bodies by using embodied movement practices which enable them to embrace their creativity in a more mindful way.

This creative space offers children the opportunity to release unwanted or heavy energies from their bodies through the use of dance and meditative movement. This practice helps the children to become more aware of their emotions and body sensations.

Once the children have taken part in some fun, energetic movements, they will be encouraged to share how that experience felt for them and what, if any, feelings may have come to the surface. The children will then be guided into a meditative movement process that will encourage them to feel into their bodies on a more sensory level. Whilst the children are in this meditative place they will then be encouraged to express their emotions using chalks/paints on the paper provided.

This could be a personal, individual art process where the child can then take their art creation home, or it could be done as a group using a larger, shared template which could then be displayed within the school..

Children will need to wear clothing suitable to paint and move comfortably in, preferably shorts and t-shirt.


What areas does this Wild Creations workshop cover on the national curriculum?

This Wild Creations workshop enhances the child's learning through creative art and embodied movement using;

  • Meditation/mindfulness
  • Creative Art
  • Movement/exercise
  • Self-expression
  • Self-awareness
  • Collaborative awareness 


What will young people get from this Wild Creations workshop?

Creative experiences can help children to express and cope with their own feelings. This workshop will nurture and empower the children to become more body aware through using meditative practices. Then tapping into their creative senses, they will experience the freedom to express themselves through the use of art materials. This is a workshop which nurtures imagination and assists in the children working through their emotions more creatively. 

wild creations


What sizes does this Wild Creations workshop come in?

1.5 hour workshop. 2 or 3 workshops can be run to fill a days session.

Can be run as an afterschool activity


How many young people can this Wild Creations workshop accommodate?

Would suit up to 20 pupils


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