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Getting Your Ideas Across - A Communication Workshop

Communication and interpersonal skills are fundamental to success, inside or outside of school or the workplace. Street Style Surgery has a new workshop for schools and youth groups that will improve communication skills using games, contemporary media, thought-provoking discussions and fun techniques.

Our workshop leader with a long history in art and education, will lead students from idea development to idea presentation in a multi-stage workshop that utilizes innovative techniques to teach effective communication skills to participants in the school workshop. Spoken and written communication skills are not the only benefits from this workshop.

Beyond the thinking skills that are developed with improved communication, participants will learn how to debate and share their views with their peers in a positive way and with control over their strong feelings, thus improving and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

This school and youth workshop will help participants on their way to developing their own voice in the world with which to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

What happens on this communication workshop?

This workshop for schools focuses on :

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Creative Skills
  • Participants will learn how to develop their ideas and then present them to the public. First, students choose from a series of activities, such as games or discussions, through which to explore the subject of their choice, which can range from world poverty to the best type of pasty. 
  • After using creative techniques (see III) to bring their point across, students will explore the methods in which they might bring their message across to a broader audience.
  • Through discussion and the exchange of ideas, students will learn valuable skills necessary for healthy interpersonal relationships. Participants will work together to enhance and encourage each others' presentations. By listening to their peers' ideas and also sharing their own, students learn the value of each others' opinions and views.
  • Participants will use creative techniques in order to get their ideas across. With art supplies, cameras, and computers, students convey their ideas through methods like , blogging, poster making. The techniques teach children how to communicate in nonverbal methods.

What areas does this communication workshop cover on the national curriculum?

This workshop for schools and young people covers skills and lessons related to citizenship, peer to peer learning, and any range of topics that are specific to a particular subject that the students will select themselves.

What will young people get from this communication workshop?

  • Communication skills with which to develop and get across their ideas as well as listening to those of their peers.
  • Thinking skills utilized in effective communication and idea development, which can be transferred to other areas of cognition and thought.
  • Debating skills and the ability to share their views with their peers in a constructive fashion.
  • Interpersonal skills through the exchange of ideas, team-building, discussions and healthy debate.
  • Creative skills when they develop their methods of conveying their ideas.
  • Confidence in their ability to communicate their own thoughts and beliefs that they fostered and bolstered themselves.
  • Ability to manage strong feelings well in order to deliver their message successfully.
  • A voice in the world.

What do young people say about this communication workshop?

“This week was the best week ever, I wish next week could be this much fun.” -James.

“Absolutely brilliant. Colin has enjoyed every minute of his time with you. I cannot put into words how much he has benefitted.” -Colin's Mum.

"I thought the project was the best. I really enjoyed myself and made a lot of new friends. I would never have done anything like this but everybody convinced me otherwise. I really had a great time.” -Heather.

“This has been an amazing experience, thanks you for letting me participate. I really have had so much fun, met some amazing people and learnt some new skills.” -Sarah.

“It put my art work to the test.” -Ben.


What sizes does this communication workshop come in?

This communication workshop will take a full day, but with add-ons, it can be expanded to up to 4 days.

How many young people can this communication workshop accommodate?

This school workshop can accommodate 10-15 young people without dedicated support staff from the organization. With a member of support staff, the workshop can incorporate 15-25 young people.

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