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Fashion Workshop - illustration

This fashion workshop is a fun and accessible introduction to a smorgasbord of professional fashion illustration techniques

Over her career, SSS founder Sissy Rooney has presented fashion illustrations to top design labels, including Bench & Hooch.

And on this exciting fashion workshop, she'll show your young people how it's done – from sketching their initial concepts to mounting their completed illustrations.

What happens on this fashion workshop?

  1. An overview of the illustration process where Sissy shows off her own portfolio of illustrations which track her development as a fashion designer
  2. The group work on their initial sketches with advice, guidance and inspiration from Sissy
  3. The group develop their sketches using the watercolour crayons and black liner pens supplied
  4. Sissy helps the group produce a technical working sketch of their designs featuring seams and top-stitching details which is mounted next to the fashion illustration
  5. The fashion illustrations are professionally mounted and shown off to the rest of the group

What sizes does this fashion workshop come in?

This fashion workshop is usually two hours long. But it can also be combined with any of our other fashion workshops to provide a fuller introduction to the fashion design process.

For example, it works well with our mood board design fashion workshop {link to mood board workshop page} as the two techniques can be used to produce a stunningly-presented final piece.

How many young people can each fashion workshop accommodate?

Sissy likes to split her groups into two and run one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon. This gives her more one-on-one time with each young person.

What will young people get out of this fashion workshop?

  • The opportunity to get creative and express themselves in a fun and easy-going workshop environment where all opinions are encouraged
  • The chance to explore the idea of pursuing a career in fashion and an insight into the skills and qualities required
  • An opportunity to share their ideas, engage in peer-to-peer praise, rather than peer pressure… and develop their communication and presentation skills
  • The boost to their self-confidence that comes with having an idea and then seeing it brought to life
  • A fail-safe step-by-step technique for producing professional fashion illustrations
  • A whole lot of fun!!

What do young people say about this fashion workshop?

  • "I'm actually really impressed by the fashion illustration I produced" – Louise, 15
  • "I always thought I was no good at drawing, but I think that I am now" – Claire, 14
  • "Sissy taught us an easy way of sketching fashion illustrations, which will help me with my textile project" – Heather, 12

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