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Fashion Workshop - T-Shirt Spray Painting

This popular fashion workshop is a fab way to get young people creative and switched on to the fashion and textile design process.

Your group will love having the freedom to apply their own ‘Street-Style' twist to a standard tee – with a little help from top fashion designer and SSS founder Sissy Rooney… plus a stack of Banksy-esque stencils and Marabu fabric spray paints.

What happens on this fashion workshop?

  1. A punchy, personal motivational talk from Sissy about how – with passion, creativity and perseverance – the young people can achieve whatever they set their hearts on… no matter how difficult their background.
  2. Sissy gives the group some creative inspiration by showing off examples of clothing designed and customised at previous fashion workshops.
  3. Sissy introduces the group to the materials they'll use, including fabric spray paints, fabric pens and crayons. The group can create their own design stencils using images from the internet, or use the stencils supplied.
  4. The group let their imaginations run wild, brainstorming design ideas which they then refine down to a technical working sketch of the tee they want to make.
  5. The young people work on their designs with Sissy on standby for help, ideas and guidance.
  6. The group fill out a garment costing sheet* gaining a real-world understanding of how they could make money from their artistic talents.
  7. Photos of the group with their stylish creations and maybe even a mini fashion show – the tees are the young people's to keep and wear with pride!



What sizes does this fashion workshop come in?

  • 1.5-2 hour ‘fast-fashion fix' sessions
  • Half-day fashion workshops,  including either  stencil making, mood-board design or fashion-illustration
  • Full-day fashion workshops, including mood-board design and/or fashion-illustration or you can opt to have 2 sessions so more young people can experiance the workshop

What will young people get out of this fashion workshop?

  • The opportunity to get creative and express themselves in a fun and easy-going workshop environment where all opinions are encouraged
  • Hands-on experience of the fashion and design process with a focus on ethically re-vamping clothes, instead of binning them
  • A chance to explore the idea of pursuing a career in fashion and an insight into the skills and qualities required
  • An opportunity to share their ideas, engage in peer-to-peer praise rather than peer pressure… and develop their communication and presentation skills
  • An increased respect for the opinions and ideas of others – and a sense of how this feedback can be used to improve their initial concept
  • The raised self-confidence levels that come with having an idea and then seeing it brought to life
  • A whole lot of fun!!


What do young people say about this fashion workshop?

  • This workshop gave me the chance to express what's real to me, Sissy was amazing in the way she was so creative and her telling us about her background inspired me to achieve more in my life  Louis, 14

  •  "I loved this workshop. It teaches us to never give up and shows our creativity and lets us be ourselves" – Sophie, 15
  • "I really enjoyed the workshop. I love my final product and I have learnt many things. It has also helped improve my confidence" – Paige, 15
  • "Sissy is a great role model for young people and a fun teacher" – Jessica, 13
  • "I learnt how to get in to the fashion industry and how to be original with clothing" – Amy, 16

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