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Business & Enterprise Fashion Designer Challenge for Schools

This primary and secondary school workshop from Street Style Surgery will teach tomorrow's business owners the entrepreneur skills required to create, brand, and launch their own fashion labels.

Street Style Surgery's founder and superstar, Sissy Rooney, was recently featured on CBBC's Trade Your Way to the USA, and this primetime entrepreneur will show young bucks the steps to the big bucks. Starting with a talk and Powerpoint presentation.

students will be introduced simply to the word “entrepreneur.” Then, instead of just telling them how to become an entrepreneur, Street Style Surgery gives them a go at being entrepreneurs in a challenging and creative way in our fashion design workshop.

Students will design and make their own t-shirt and create a fashion label with the branding that they themselves drafted. Using design sheets – like real fashion designers.

Pupils will generate designs for their own t-shirt using our wide selection of fresh templates, that they will then spray paint onto their own t-shirt (this is a pretty exciting part for students – who would have guessed?).

Students will also come up with a name for their fashion label, a website address, and design a trendy swing label to hang off of the t-shirt stating the price, which students will determine based on the garment costing methods learnt in the workshop.

To tie up the workshop, we can finish it off with a big bang in a mini-fashion show for either the group or perhaps even the whole school. From making the design on a drawing board to sashaying down the runway, students will learn the importance of branding and essential entrepreneur skills from start to finish.

What happens on this business and enterprise/fashion workshop?

This workshop focuses on both:

  • Fashion Design
  • Entrepreneur Skills
  •  Students will create their own t-shirt design using methods used by professional fashion designers and cool templates we provide. Their designs will come to life when they are spray painted onto t-shirts and worn by the creators themselves.
  • Students learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and skills employed in becoming one. Starting with an introductory Powerpoint presentation and utilizing their creative abilities in branding, website address creation, and garment costing.


What areas does this business and enterprise/fashion workshop cover on the national curriculum?

This Street Style Surgery workshop is a prime example of enterprise education as defined by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) – “enterprise capability, supported by financial capability and economic and business understanding.”

While enterprise education has not been fully integrated into the national curriculum, the Department of Education recognizes the significance of enterprise education and has been conducting research about how to effectively fund these programmes on a broad scale. Until then, the business and enterprise fashion workshop has been a well received introduction to enterprise education.

What do people say about this workshop?

"The workshops were a great success with all our feeder primary children. Considering that we had 8 schools every child, both boys and girls were fully engaged and having fun designing and modelling their own t-shirt."

"The workshops were well organised and it is a credit to Sissy that she could cater for group sizes ranging from 24-45 in any session. I would be happy to work with the Street Style Surgery again – it was money well spent and I would recommend the workshop to others. Thank you Sissy."

Mrs. M. Tomlinson
Assistant Headteacher of St. Peters High School


What will young people get from this business and enterprise / fashion workshop?

  • The chance to be entrepreneurial and think like a business person.
  • The opportunity to add value to a product and realise that they have made a profit.
  • The opportunity to get creative and express themselves in a fun and easy-going workshop environment where all opinions are encouraged.
  • Hands-on experience of the fashion and design process with a focus on ethically re-vamping clothes instead of binning them.
  • A chance to explore the idea of pursuing a career in fashion and an insight into the skills and qualities required.
  • An opportunity to share their ideas, engage in peer-to-peer praise rather than peer pressure, and develop their communication and presentation skills.
  • An increased respect for the opinions and ideas of others – and a sense of how this feedback can be used to improve their initial concept.
  • The raised self-confidence levels that come with having an idea and then seeing it brought to life.
  • A whole lot of fun!

What do young people say about this business and enterprise/fashion workshop?

“I have felt like a real business man.” –Arron aged 9.

“I want to have my own business when I grow up.” –Selina aged 10.

“I now know what the word entrepreneur means.” –Michael aged 10.

"Sissy is a great role model for young people and a fun teacher." –Jessica aged 13.

What sizes does this business and enterprise/fashion workshop come in?

The business and enterprise fashion workshop is a half day workshop, but Sissy can work with one group in the morning and one group in the afternoon for a full-day of workshops.

How many young people can this business and enterprise/fashion workshop accommodate?

This workshop is ideal for a whole class, but it works better if they are broken into two groups: one in the morning and one in the afternoon

This makes a great transition workshop for young people going from primary to secondary school, where a high impact workshop is needed to grab a young person's attention. Additionally, they all leave with a t-shirt that they have made themselves!

Like the sound of this workshop?

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We are very proud to say that we always aim to beat our competitor's costs whilst providing first class practitioners who will inspire and engage the young people they are delivering too! (Just take a look at our testimonials

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